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Korky's Kustom Karts

Korky says

Its time to give back...

Donate your time, your face, your help, to our project...

Now making carts for our warriors!


Custom golf carts in Palm Springs!

"The original golf cart customizer!"

corvette summer korkys kustom stutios

The original Bob Hope Golf Cart - Built by Korky Korkes

"I have seen far too much plagiarism on the Internet! Many customizers take credit for others' work. I personally built the entire Bob Hope golf cart while working at George Barris' shop in the 1960s - I can prove it! Unfortunately you will see it all over the Internet with others taking credit."

Richard "Korky" Korkes 2009


The original NFL Golf Carts - Built by Korky Korkes (left)
Joseph "Joey" Baker promoted the carts

Korky's Kustom Karts

We have some of the hottest golf carts in the works... not these "girly carts" as made by others, but true custom golf carts to your specs... or let us go wild! How about a rolls, bently, aston martin, ferrari, vector, porsche, mercedes, 40 ford, 67 camero, 69 vette... from mild to wild - you want it we'll make it! I have built carts for Elton John, Canned Heat, the entire football teams of the NFL and Major League Baseball, many college teams and more...

I was the builder of ALL the Major League Baseball bullpen car / carts - now I'll build a personal cart for you or your team!

We are opening a new shop in Palm Springs, but no matter where you are on the globe we can build a cart for you.... you can have it your way at Korkys Kustom!

Richard "Korky" Korkes 2009

Taking orders for late 2009 / 2010
Please email Korky with any of your golf cart customizing questions...

The original MLB Golf Carts - Built by Korky Korkes


Palm Springs 760-748-4128

Richard "Korky" Korkes
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Richard "Korky" Korkes internationally known car customizer
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